Notes for 11.29.20

Look Again
Isaiah 9.1–7
Lucas Rogers


For further study:
Monday: Read Isaiah 9.1–7. Are there ways in which you feel like God has failed you? How does the Gospel give you hope that God hasn’t failed?
Tuesday: Read Matthew 4.15–16. When did the light of Jesus break into your life? Have you ever shared how Jesus brought light to your life with anyone?
Wednesday: Read Luke 1.76–79. Do you feel like you’re living in darkness or light? How has God’s light shone in your heart?
Thursday: Read Matthew 28.18. According to Jesus, who has all authority in this world? Who are you trusting in to make your world okay?
Friday: Read Philippians 2.5–11. Does Jesus have authority in your life? Is he the King of your heart, or has something else usurped his rightful throne?
Saturday: Read John 1.1–9. There are many false lights in the world. Are you a witness to the true light? Who do you know who feels lost in the darkness who needs to hear about the light of Jesus?