Notes for 4.11.21

Here is Your God
Isaiah 40
Into the Sunset

A. Here is your God (40.1–11)

B. Who is His equal? (40.12–26)

C. He will renew you (40.27–31)


How accurate is your view of God?
How does that impact your life today?

For further study:
Monday: Read Isaiah 40.1–11. What is the message of comfort?
Tuesday: Read Malachi 3.1; Matthew 3.1–6; 11.7–19. How is Isaiah’s prophecy applied?
Wednesday: Read 1 Peter 1.22–25. How does Peter use verses seven and eight?
Thursday: Read Isaiah 40.12–26. What is the message about God?
Friday: Read Romans 11.33–36. How does Paul use verse 13?
Saturday: Read Isaiah 40.27–31. What is the message about God in these verses?