Notes for 1.24.21

Resistance Isn’t Futile
Luke 4.1–13
More Like Jesus
Lucas Rogers





For further study:
Monday: Read Luke 4.1–13. Based on Jesus’ resistance to the devil’s temptations, what does it look like to emulate Jesus?
Tuesday: Read Proverbs 14.12. How do you discern between the ways that feel “right” to you and leads to death and ways that lead to life? Can you think of a specific example?
Wednesday: Read Ephesians 6.10. Are you spiritually aware? Do you know how Satan likes to tempt you? What is your defensive strategy?
Thursday: Read Galatians 5.16. Do you feel defeated by sin? Is there a specific area of struggle that you’re praying for the Spirit to help you overcome temptation?
Friday: Read 1 Corinthians 10.13. Has there been a specific time in your life when you’ve overcome spiritual temptation because of God’s work in your life?
Saturday: Read Philippians 2.5–11. What does it look like in your life to humble yourself for the sake of someone else?