August 8, 2020

Sermon Notes for 8.9.20

Unity & Justice
Micah 6.1–8

A. Trial summons (1-2)

B. The prosecution (3-5)

C. Responses (6-8)

What is the Lord saying to you today?


For further study
Monday: Micah 6.1–8. What are applications of verse 8?
Tuesday: Isaiah 1.10–20.  What are the similarities with the Micah passage?Wednesday: Amos 5.21–24. What does the metaphor of water in verse 24 imply?
Thursday: Psalm 82. Who especially needs justice?
Friday: Matthew 12.15–21. How Jesus apply the quote from Isaiah to his life?
Saturday: James 1.26–27. What are specific applications made by James?