August 29, 2020

Sermon Notes for 8.30.20

The King of Glory
Psalm 24

A.The King’s rule (42.1–2)

B. The King’s blessing (42.3–6)

C. The King’s arrival (42.7–10)

What does this teach about the king and our responses to Him?


For further study:
Monday: Read Psalm 24. Do our lives reflect God’s desire for us (3–6)?
Tuesday: Read 1 Corinthians 10.23–30. How does Paul use the psalm in verse 26?
Wednesday: Read Genesis 1.1–10. Why is it important that God made everything?
Thursday: Read Psalm 15. How should the King’s followers be recognized?
Friday: Read Psalm 51. Does the clean hands and pure heart come naturally?
Saturday: Read Matthew 25.31–40. How is Jesus (the Son of Man) depicted as king?