August 22, 2020

Sermon Notes for 8.23.20

Hydration For the Parched Soul
Psalm 42 & 43
Lucas Rogers






For further study:
Monday: Read Psalm 42 and 43. How is your soul today, hydrated or parched? Where do you turn when you feel lost or anxious? How has God satisfied the deep longings of your soul?
Tuesday: Read John 4.1–14. What things of this world are you trusting in to quench the thirst of your soul? What does it mean that Jesus is the living water that always satisfies?
Wednesday: Read Lamentations 3.24. Do you have hope? What does it mean that the Lord is Jeremiah’s “portion?”
Thursday: Read Jonah 2. What is overwhelming you in your life, the waves and breakers sweeping over you (v. 3)? How do you think God wants to shape your character in this time?
Friday: Read Romans 5.1–5. How has God used struggles and suffering in your life to produce perseverance, character, and hope?
Saturday: Read Hebrews 11.1–16. What is the nature of Christian hope? What are you hoping for today?