August 1, 2020

Sermon Notes for 8.2.20

Reviving Your Praise
Psalm 145
Kevin Goldsmith

A. God’s worship (Psalm 145.1–10)


B. God’s reign (Psalm 145.11–21)


For further study:
Monday: Read Psalms 145.1–3. Starting today, how do you refocus your daily praise to God?
Tuesday: Read Psalms 145.4–7. How often do you remind yourself of all God has done for you? How will you make this a regular practice?
Wednesday: Read Psalms 145.8–10. How is God’s graciousness and compassion revealed to others in your daily life?
Thursday: Read Psalms 145.11–13a. How is God’s reign revealed in your actions, and is it evident to others in your daily life?
Friday: Read Psalms 145.13b–17. How does God’s trustworthiness to keep his word affect your life today and going forward?
Saturday: Read Psalms 145.18–21. How does knowing God sees, hears, and cares for you give you strength with what you are going through?