August 15, 2020

Sermon Notes for 8.16.20

The Lord’s Annointed
Psalm 2

A. The nations conspire (2.1–3)

B. The Lord responds (2.4–6)

C. The son is announced (2.7–9)

D. The world is warned (2.10–12)

What is the significance of calling the king the Lord’s son?

What is the message to the world?

For further study
: Psalm 2. What was the psalm’s significance for Israel’s kings?Tuesday: 2 Samuel 7.1–16. How does the Davidic covenant explain this psalm?
Wednesday: Isaiah 42.1–4. How is “the Servant” similar to the king of Psalm 2?
Thursday: Matthew 3.13–17. How does Psalm 2 inform Jesus’ baptism experience?
Friday: Matthew 17.1–8. What is the significance of the transfiguration and Psalm 2?
Saturday: 2 Peter 1.16–20. How does Peter use the quote from Psalm 2?