July 12, 2020

Sermon notes for 7.12.20

Psalm 35

Call (1-10)


Accusation (11-18)


Request (19-28)


For Further Reading: 

Monday: Read Psalm 29.19. When have you felt most alone and away
from the Lord? How did you realize He was near?
Tuesday: Read Psalm 22.24. Do you feel the Lord hears you when you call out?
Wednesday: Read Psalm 18.20-21. Do you feel the Lord approves what you’ve been doing? 
Thursday: Read Psalm 46.1; 37.39-40. Is he your only place of comfort?
Friday: Read Hebrews 13.5-6. Do you believe God’s promise that he will never forsake his own?
Saturday: Read Psalm 35.27-28. Do you realize your comfort and rest in the Lord motivates other believers to seek God too?