June 6, 2020

Sermon Notes for 6.7.20

A King for the Nations
Psalm 96

A. Creation has its privileges (Psalm 96.1–6)

B. All will respond to His glory (Psalm 96.7–9)

C. Anticipate His coming judgment (Psalm 96.10–13)

What’s God’s roll in your life?
What does His coming imply for your life?

For further study:
Monday: Read Psalm 96.1–6. What do we need to tell others about God?
Tuesday: Read Romans 10.12–15. How important is it for us to tell others?
Wednesday: Read Psalm 96.7–10. How should we respond to His greatness?
Thursday: Read Revelation 5.9–13. How is Jesus worshipped in heaven?
Friday: Read Psalm 96.11–13. What will the LORD do when he comes?
Saturday: Read Isaiah 2.1–4. What will the LORD do when He comes?