June 13, 2020

Sermon Notes for 6.14.20

Peace Through Remembering God
Psalm 4
Bob Riedle

A. Being wronged causes distress (Psalm 4.1, 2)

B. When in distress from being wronged, remember God (Psalm 4.1b, 3, 6–8)

C. Help your enemy to come to Jesus Christ (Psalm 4.4–5)

How has God rescued you from distress in the past?

How can you be a conduit of God’s peace and grace to those who have wronged you?


For further study:
Monday: Read John 16.29–33. What hope is there when even Jesus’ followers are wronged?
Tuesday: Read 1 Chronicles 16.8–13. How should God’s people respond to His works?
Wednesday: Read Isaiah 46.8–11. What does the one true God call both saint and sinner to do?
Thursday: Read Numbers 6.24–27 5. What does God want His people to know His presence should bring to them?
Friday: Read Philippians 4.4–7. What is the source of genuine peace, and how do you get it?
Saturday: Read Hebrews 12.14–15. Are there limits to whom you should extend the peace and grace of God?