May 16, 2020

Sermon Notes for 5.17.20

Work and Money
Luke 16.1–13
Pandemic Life

A. When work ends (Luke 16.1–2)

B. Learning from the worst (Luke 16.3–9)

C. What really matters (Luke 16.10–13)

What is God teaching you?

For further study:
Monday: Read Luke 16.1–13. What do you learn from the shrewd manager?
Tuesday: Read Ecclesiastes 5.18–19; Colossians 3.23– 24; 1 Thessalonians 4.11. How important is work?
Wednesday: Read 2 Thessalonians 3.7–13. How did Paul portray the importance of work?
Thursday: Read Proverbs 10.4–5; 15.15–17; 30.7–9. What does wisdom teach us?
Friday: Read Luke 18.22–26. What is the danger of riches?
Saturday: Read Matthew 6.19–21. What perspective does Jesus bring to treasure?