May 9, 2020

Sermon Notes for 5.10.20

Pandemic Life
Lucas Rogers




For further study:
Monday: Read Genesis 1.1–2.2. Why did God rest on the seventh day? Why was resting so important for God?
Tuesday: Read Exodus 20.8–11, Leviticus 23.1–3. Why does God begin his list of feasts in Leviticus 23 by reminding the people of the Sabbath commandment?
Wednesday: Read Leviticus 23.4–14. What was God teaching his people by instituting the “first fruits” ordinance? Is the ordinance instructive for us? How so?
Thursday: Read Numbers 28.1–15. What do you think God wanted his people to understand by requiring these (and other) offerings?
Friday: Read Numbers 28.16–40. Why do you think God goes to such lengths to establish these ritualistic feasts and festivals? Why not just give them a list of doctrines to believe rather than require such investment of time, energy, and resources to these celebrations?
Saturday: Read Leviticus 16. What is the significance of atonement? Based on this passage, what is required for atonement? See also Romans 3.25 and Hebrews 2.17.