The Reason for Hope

Pastor Bob Riedle preaches on Ezekiel 47.1–12, John 7.37–39, and Revelation 22.1–5.

What is the Gospel?

Pastor Jace preaches on Romans 3.21–26 for his sixth sermon in the Equip series.

Who is Jesus?

Pastor Jace continues this series by preaching through Philippians 2.5–11.

What is Sin?

Pastor Jace preaches on Genesis 3.1–24 for his third sermon in the “Equip” series.

FAQ: What is the Trinity?

Pastor Jace gives his second sermon in the Equip series, focusing on Deuteronomy 6.4, John 6.27, John 1.1, Acts 5.3–4, and Matthew 28.18–20.