December 18, 2018

FAQ’s – Northaven Trail & Grace Parking

You’ve probably noticed some changes happening on our campus with the construction in the parking lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is going on across Inwood? Will it affect Grace?

The City of Dallas has started construction on Phase 2 of the Northaven Trail which, upon completion, will connect White Rock Creek Trail to Harry Hines Blvd. As part of this project, the parking lot on the north side of Grace will be reconfigured. Additional parking is being added to the west side of Inwood Rd.

When will all of this happen?

The City has already started construction of the parking on the west side of Inwood Rd for use by Grace. This parking will be completed and open before our parking lot is impacted. We expect the construction work most directly impacting the church parking lot to begin at the end of January 2019. We expect the construction on Grace’s lot to take 3-4 Sundays in February, but as with any construction project, it could take longer.

Where will I be able to park during the construction?

Parking on the north side of Grace will not be available during the anticipated construction window in February. Please reserve the Northaven turn-around for guests and seniors. For those that are able, please fill in the parking spaces in the back of the east parking lot. During construction, there will be a parking team outside on Sundays to assisting with parking flow.

There will also be parking available in the new lot being constructed on the west side of Inwood Rd. To ensure we have enough parking, nearby offsite parking located at the northeast corner of Forest & Dallas North Tollway (less than 1 mile away) will be available with shuttle service to and from Grace on Sundays.

If I park in the offsite parking, how will I get to and from the church?

We have arranged for a shuttle to operate during each of the Sundays impacted by the construction. The shuttle will pick up church attendees at the Forest & Tollway location and drop them off at the Grace Bible campus. At the conclusion of each service, the shuttle will return attendees to the offsite parking lot.

How can I help?

We can use your help! If you’re interested and available to help our parking team on Sundays during the construction, please send an email to or find one of the deacons at church on any Sunday morning (wearing a white name badge). Parking team volunteers will greet, help direct the flow of traffic into and out of the existing parking lot, direct vehicles into open parking spots, and help guide visitors to the church.

As a reminder, please park in the back or in the additional parking lots to ensure visitors and any elderly church attendees are able to park closer to the church. Thank you for your patience as we go through this temporary disruption to our parking.

What will be different after everything has been completed?

The new parking lot on the north side of the church will contain head-in, 90-degree parking with a two-way drive aisle, instead of the current one-way angled parking. Toward the end of the project (summer or fall 2019), the City will replant some shrubs as screening between the church and our neighbors to the north.

What if I have more questions?

To get more information and to read about the trail, you can visit the following websites: or

Please direct questions or concerns to, not the City of Dallas.