Devotionals & Updates May 25-June 5

Every week day, we will be posting devotionals from a Grace staff member or leader. We hope you find encouragement in their words.

May 25: Jeff Sherwood

May 26: Scott Thompson

May 27: Jessi Fraccaro

May 28: Multiplied, by Needtobreathe

May 29: Kevin Goldsmith

June 1: Janay Wilborn

June 2: Greg Lamb

June 3: Pentecost Sermon & Build Your Kingdom Here

June 4: Judy Grysen

June 5: Andy Wileman

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Devotionals & Updates June 8-19

Every week day, we will be posting devotionals and updates. We hope you continue to feel connected to the Grace church body in this time and find encouragement in the words of our staff and leaders.

June 8: Matt McBride

June 9: Rachael Gutknecht

June 10 Devotional

June 11: Lucas Rogers

June 15: Cam Grysen

June 16

Over the next few weeks as we prepare for the regathering date of June 28, we’re asking you to spend some time in prayer rather than sharing a devotional. Today we are focusing on Proverbs 16.9.
The Lord establishes our steps.
Praise the Lord that it’s not up to us to figure it out on our own. Pray that we would listen and follow well as we plan our course and take steps to safely gather together.

June 17

June 18
As we prepare for reopening, let’s continue praying.
Pray that the Lord would be glorified. That it wouldn’t be about Grace’s name, but that the Lord would be lifted high.

June 19: Rachel Marcello

Devotionals & Updates April 27-May 8

Join our staff every weekday morning for a devotional. We’ll be praying Psalm 91, sharing announcements, and giving a short devotional. Our hope is that these devotionals and updates encourage you and help you continue to feel connected in this time.

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April 27: Andy Wileman

April 28: Kevin Goldsmith

April 29: Lucas Rogers

April 30: Joshua Hankins

May 1: Bob Riedle

May 4: James Ciluffo

May 5: Kaitlyn Schiess

May 6: Andy Gutierrez

May 7: Cindy Rawles

May 8: Alan Sauerbrei, Elder Chairman

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Outreach Opportunities

Kimberlie Derrick shares how her family recently began feeding homeless individuals in Dallas and how she has seen the Lord move through that.

Help for the Homeless
The homeless population in Dallas has been deeply impacted by the coronavirus as many places where they usually get meals have limited operations or closed entirely. As a result, Kimberlie Derrick and her family have been delivering food to homeless people, and they have even received special permission to continue in the midst of the Shelter in place order. They are looking for donations including nonperishable, individually packaged food such as peanut butter or cheese crackers, beef jerky, fruit or granola bars, chips, and trail mix, and juice; hand sanitizer and travel-sized hygiene items such as lotion, body wash, mouth wash, shampoo; gallon and sandwich sized Ziploc bags; baby wipes, hand wipes, and towels; and Bibles. Contact Kimberlie if you would like to provide some of these items, and she will arrange for them to be picked up from your home.

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, Cornerstone has shifted to serving take-away meals, and they also are experiencing more visitors with the closing of so many locations that help the homeless. Please consider donating food items. See the Cornerstone Kitchen link for a list of items that are needed. If you would like contribute financially, you can do so through Cornerstone’s website, or you can mail a check to 2815 S. Ervay Building B, Dallas, TX 75215.

Union Gospel Mission
With the COVID-19 outbreak, UGM is housing all of their residents for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. UGM is serving more meals, giving out more supplies, using more paper goods, increasing the load on their utilities, and finding more ways to occupy their guests. They need your help to meet the rising demand for services. In addition to an increased financial need, please also consider in-kind gifts. They need an adequate supply of hand sanitizer, soap, gloves, face masks, wipes, and disinfectants. See the UGM website for more information.

Network of Community Ministries
Network of Community Ministries is looking for volunteers to help deliver food to individuals who are self-quarantining. Volunteers would need to pick up a package of groceries from the center in Richardson and drop it off on peoples’ doorsteps. See their sign-up form if you are interested in volunteering.

COVID-19 Update | Coronavirus

Dear Grace family,
Like you, we have all been watching the coronavirus international drama unfold on a daily basis. However, the announcement last night by Dallas County for gatherings in the city was a game changer. In case you haven’t heard, the county government has made any group gatherings of more than 500 people illegal, and strongly recommends against any gathering of 250 or more. Additionally, the high-risk population (60+ years of age, other health problems, etc.) are strongly encouraged to avoid gatherings of over ten people.
According to what we have read, and heard, the primary concern is that we slow the rate of infections so that our hospitals can keep up with the demands for those who experience the extreme symptoms of the virus. In Wuhan, the serious cases were so numerous that medical facilities were not able to meet the needs of those who needed hospitalization to survive. The American medical community is learning from the outbreaks elsewhere and attempting to respond accordingly.
Presently, only one of our services (10:00) regularly exceeds 250, and we do not believe that there is ever a time where over 500 are in the same room.
However, in light of the fact that many in our congregation are in the at risk group, and many others will choose to stay home, and finally, as a testimony to our neighbors of our concern for the safety of those around us, the elders have chosen to have only a streamed service this Sunday while we await more information. Additionally, we are canceling all events at the church this next so that we can do a thorough cleaning while Grace Academy is on Spring break.
Our prayer is that we who follow Jesus will respond in a way that brings Him glory.
The streamed service Sunday will begin with contemporary worship at 10:00, followed by the sermon roughly at 10:20. Then we will have traditional music around 11:00. (Obviously these times are approximate.) You can watch the streaming on our church website (, or on Facebook.
The worship team is committed to providing a meaningful experience online this Sunday. It will also be posted on the website later for viewing during the week. I will be speaking on the Christian response to a crisis in our community.
During the Ebola crisis in Africa, the Young Life staff there committed to pray Psalm 91 for 91 days. The same week the 91 days was completed, the New York Times declared that the virus outbreak had ended in its epicenter of Liberia. Will you join us in praying Psalm 91?
The church office will be open next week, and your staff will be checking in on you. Please feel free to contact us. May God grant us strength and peace as we seek to live for Him during this time.
In Christ,

Andy Wileman

Road Closures Near Grace

We are very thankful that Grace’s building was not damaged during the tornadoes Sunday night. Please be aware that there are several road closures around Grace that may make it more difficult to access the church. To check on the status of closures, please see this link: Storm Street Closure Map.

Northaven Trail Phase 2 Construction FAQ’s

Northaven Trail construction is coming to Grace. Beginning Sunday, March 10, the one-way drives and angled parking spaces will be removed. The lot north of Grace will be rearranged with a two-way drive and head-in parking. Parking west of Inwood will be open and available. The anticipated completion date is March 15. Landscaping and seal-coat asphalt will go in during the weeks to follow.

For larger image click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is going on across Inwood? Will it affect Grace?

The City of Dallas has started construction on Phase 2 of the Northaven Trail which, upon completion, will connect White Rock Creek Trail to Harry Hines Blvd. As part of this project, the parking lot on the north side of Grace will be reconfigured. Additional parking is being added to the west side of Inwood Rd.

When will all of this happen?

The City has already started construction of the parking on the west side of Inwood Rd. for use by Grace. This parking will be completed and open before our parking lot is impacted. We expect the construction work most directly impacting the church parking lot to begin Saturday, March 9. We expect the construction on Grace’s lot to take 2–3 weeks, but as with any construction project, it could take longer.

Where will I be able to park during the construction?

Parking on the north side of Grace will be available during the anticipated construction. However, the parking will be rearranged with a two-way drive and head-in parking. Parking west of Inwood will also be open and available.

As usual, the parallel parking will be available along the north side of Inwood. As a reminder, please reserve the Northaven turn-around for guests and seniors. For those that are able, please fill in the parking spaces in the back of the east parking lot. For the first few weeks, there will be a parking team outside on Sundays to assisting with parking flow.

How can I help?

We can use your help! If you’re interested and available to help our parking team on Sundays during the construction, please send an email to or find one of the deacons at church on any Sunday morning (wearing a white name badge). Parking team volunteers will greet, help direct the flow of traffic into and out of the existing parking lot, direct vehicles into open parking spots, and help guide visitors to the church.

As a reminder, please park in the back or in the additional parking lot across Inwood to ensure visitors and any elderly church attendees are able to park closer to the church. Thank you for your patience as we go through this transition in our parking lot.

What will be different after everything has been completed?

The new parking lot on the north side of the church will contain head-in, 90-degree parking with a two-way drive aisle, instead of the current one-way angled parking. The existing lot will be retopped with asphalt and restriped. New landscaping will be placed between the trail and parking lot.

What if I have more questions?

To get more information and to read about the trail, you can visit the following websites: or

Please direct questions or concerns to, not the City of Dallas.

Worship Ministry Updates

Dear Grace family:

I am excited to tell you about our new staff member: Brian Piper is joining our staff bringing new leadership to our Worship and Music ministries. Brian will be leading our Contemporary service and continuing to build that ministry team. He will also assist the Traditional worship team as the needs arise.

Brian is a gifted musician, composer, and singer. In addition to performing in venues such as the Summer Musicals, jazz festivals, and his own albums, Brian has served on the music team for Park Cities Presbyterian Church for the last eleven years. He has performed at Grace on multiple occasions, and he always brings not only his skills, but also his joy in Christ.

I have known Brian for many years and I am thrilled to have him join our team.

Ty McAllister has done a wonderful job leading our contemporary service at 9:00, as well as taking over the 10:30 service this summer. Ty has decided that he wants to pursue new opportunities. I hope you will join me in expressing deep appreciation for Ty and praying for him as he moves to Ft. Worth and begins a new chapter in his life.

In light of Ty’s leaving we will be discontinuing the Contemporary at 9:00 service after this week. We know that it has met a need for some of our congregation, but we will no longer have the personnel to make it work. You will be hearing soon about new worship opportunities for the future.

Grace is always changing. But with each change, God has blessed us in new ways we did not anticipate. I am excited to see this new chapter in our Worship ministries.

In Christ,

Andy Wileman

Learning Page

At Grace, we place a high priority on the teaching of God’s Word. We have excellent Adult Bible Classes with teachers who are committed to communicating the truth of the Bible, as well as special events that encourage Biblical knowledge and facilitate application. We are now recording several of our Adult Bible Classes and encourage you to take advantage of these excellent lessons. See the Learning page to listen to Sunday morning lessons and past special events.