Grace Bible Church was founded on March 24, 1954 as a church focused on studying the Bible, teaching its truth and sending missionaries to spread the gospel.

Hallmarks of Grace

Grace has not veered from these foundations of its beginning. Each of its pastors have been excellent Bible teachers, and the church has been focused on teaching the Word and application to life. We have supported missionaries since the church was founded and currently support nearly 50 missionaries and organizations.

One of the hallmarks of Grace is that we are a church that extends grace. We are all sinners without any hope of restoring our relationship with God, except through Jesus Christ. It is His life, death on the cross and resurrection that gives us hope.  And because of the grace he has given to each of us, we gladly extend it to others.

We’re not perfect; please know that. But our greatest desire for any person who comes to Grace is that you would consider the claims of Jesus Christ and determine how you are going to live in relation to those.