Grace is multi-generational in its ministry and engagement.

You will see young, single, married, parents, empty nesters, grandparents and many others as we pursue God by strengthening our belief, growing in our walk, and going with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Simply, there is a place for everyone at Grace, and we want you to know you belong here. Believe, Grow, and Go with us.

New to Grace?

Whether you’re been joining us online or in person for worship, we want to welcome you. We’d like to give you a book with an overview of who Grace is, our ministries, and how you can get involved. Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch with you.

Brian Piper directing the choir

Traditional Worship Services

The 9AM service is more formal. We’ll sing some great hymns. Our choir will lead in a few songs. You are likely to hear the organ played and see some coats and ties in this service.

Contemporary Worship Services

The Sunday 10:45AM service is contemporary, and tends to be more casual. We’ll sing songs that sound like something you might hear on the radio. You are likely to hear a guitar riff and see people wearing jeans.


We’re located at 11306 Inwood Road, Dallas, 75229, two miles south of the Galleria at the corner of Inwood Road and Northaven. There are two parking lots off Northaven where you can find a spot to park, and the Sanctuary is on the east side of the building.

What do I wear?

We seek to be a genuine community, and our goal is to take God seriously and not ourselves. You will find everything from coats and ties to jeans and flip-flops. Come dressed however you feel comfortable.

The Commons

After you come through the main doors, you’ll be greeted by someone who will give you a worship guide with information about our worship service and the latest news about our church.

In the Commons, you will find people drinking coffee and talking. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee and browse the Commons tables, or stop by our Welcome Center to get information about our church. When you hear music playing, that’s your cue to find a seat for the worship service.

Kids Programming

Due to COVID, Grace Kids programming is limited. See the Grace Kids page for more information.

If you head towards the other end of the church (opposite from the worship center), you’ll run into the check-in center for Grace Kids. You’ll want to stop here. There you will find staff and volunteers to show you your kid’s classroom and explain our programs. Our childcare facilities are kept immaculately clean, they’re well-staffed, and our volunteers are well-trained. In short, you can trust us with your kids. They’ll learn God’s Word and have fun!

The Message

The message will be based on the Bible. Feel free to use the Bibles in the pews to follow along.


The Offering

Due to COVID, we no longer pass an offering plate, but there is an offering box outside the Sanctuary or you can give online. Tithes and offerings are just another way to worship. If you are a guest, please don’t feel any pressure to give. If you have never considered the claims of Jesus, it is our hope that you will receive the free gift of life offered to those who trust Him.


Adult Bible Classes

Adult Bible Classes are one of the cornerstones of Grace. These classes cover various topics and books of the Bible. You have the opportunity to choose your class and learn from different teachers. It’s also a great place to meet people as you go deeper in God’s Word. Due to COVID, many Adult Bible Classes are meeting online. See our Online Groups page for more information.