We use In Fellowship for our member directory.

If you are a first time user, please use the Register link at the bottom of this page to create an account and access the directory. You will need to click the blue Sign Up link, create a username and password, and then you will be able to log in and update your profile.

Accessing the Directory:

You will need to opt in to see the church directory. The directory will allow you to see and communicate with others at Grace. To opt in, follow these steps:
1. Sign in to In Fellowship
2. Click Privacy Settings on your home page
3. Select Include me in the church directory at the bottom of the page
4. Click Save privacy settings

Please also look over your Privacy Settings and approve the information that will be shared. The levels for privacy are Church Staff, Group Leaders, Group Members, and Everyone. Everyone refers to those who have opted in to the directory. Your information is not shared outside Grace’s In Fellowship portal.


In Fellowship Benefits:

Profile—Help us keep in touch with you! View your record and update it as needed with your address, phone number and e-mail.

Privacy Settings—Control the information that you want or don’t want to be seen in the directory. If you prefer, you can hide your birthdate, e-mail address, etc.

Your Groups— You can see and communicate with groups you’re in or volunteer with, such as your Adult Bible Fellowship, weekly Bible study, or small group.

Church Directory—Look up contact information for other members and attenders that have “opted in”

Questions about the database? See the InFellowshipGuide or contact the church office at 214.368.0779.