Grace partners with missionaries all across the globe sharing the good news of Jesus, and we have multiple short-term trips each year to various countries.

Grace helps people grow as disciples in five ways: worship, fellowship, learning, serving, and sharing. The purpose of International Outreach is to share. We are committed to saying yes when God tells us to "go".



At Grace we are committed to taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world in three key ways:

  1. We send our own.

We support dozens of missionaries, the majority of whom have been sent from Grace. Our long-term missionaries are our kids, our grandkids, our friends, our family, serving all over the globe.

Every year we send short-term missionaries and teams from Grace to care for the poor and needy, evangelize, train pastors, and give support for long-term missionaries. If you would like to go on one of our short-term mission trips, email us at for more information about our upcoming trips.

  1. We partner with game-changers.

At Grace we look for missionaries and organizations who make a disproportionate impact in their field for the sake of the Gospel, and get behind them. With each of our ministry partners, we provide financial support and yearly teams to help them do more of what they do.

Young Life in Bulgaria
For the past decade we have partnered with Young Life Bulgaria to help launch new Young Life programs in cities like Troon and Sophia. Every year we send a team from Grace to help Young Life build an existing program, reach a new city, or run a Young Life camp. As a result of our partnership, thousands of teenagers have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and hundreds of students have received Christ as their Savior.

Young Life in Asia
Starting in 2019 we are partnering with Young Life at college campuses centered around a major Asian city. We will be sending a team annually to be part of their English camp on campus. Our team will teach classes, build relationships with college students, and connect those students with long-term Young Life national staff.

If you would like more information about our mission trips with Young Life Bulgaria or with Young Life in Asia, please email us at

  1. We invest (y)our money wisely.

We believe that good financial stewardship means making wise investments. We don’t simply throw money at missions and call it good. Our Missions Team prayerfully works to vet potential new missionaries, to provide care and accountability for current missionaries, and to give leadership to the overall direction and strategy of our missions program at Grace, all in order to get the best possible return in God’s economy.

When you give to Grace, 10% of your gift goes to supporting our long-term missionaries in the field. Beyond that 10%, each year we raise an additional $60-$70k during our Missions Conference that we use to fund our partnerships, send short-term teams, and provide emergency support for our long-term missionaries.

We’re a generous church and we believe deeply in missions. And we take the stewardship of the financial gifts God provides through your generosity seriously.


We partner with a variety of people and organizations around the globe. Our current missionaries are listed below. Unfortunately we cannot list those that are serving in secured areas.  If you have a question that needs immediate attention, please contact Lucas Rogers.

If you would like to receive the monthly missionary newsletter by email, contact Beki Allen.

Swede & Judy Anderson

Campus Crusade, University outreach in Colorado

Amanda Autry

Camino Global, Evangelism / Outreach in Oklahoma

Raimie & Stephanie Bateman

Teach the Story, Global

Bill & Barbara Boggess

TEAM, Church planting in Paris, France

Katherine Boren

Cru, Global humanitarian aid

Jerry & Jolynne Brown

Leadership Vistas, Theological Education in Africa

Louis & Ann Carter

SIM, Worldwide Medical Missions

David & Ashley Coffey

Cru, University outreach in New York

Ed & Debi Condra

Wycliffe, Translation in Papua New Guinea

Al & Elizabeth Dyck

Communitas International, Discipleship in Madrid, Spain

Peter & Miriam Fretheim

SIM, Outreach/leadership in Nigeria

Josh & Lisa Francis

Flying H Ranch, Washington State

Korry & Dorette Heer

Young Life, Evangelism and discipleship in Germany

Chris & Mary Howell

Christ Community Church, Denton

Nolan & Kristen Isaac

Impact France

Jessica Jenkins

Camino Global, web development for ObreroFiel

Mary & Tommy Jerkovic

Kontact Germany, Theological teaching in Ukraine

Jean & Jean-Marie Joseph

Children’s Relief International, Theological education in Haiti

Darin & Susan McFarland

Athletes in Action, Evangelism/discipleship in Boston, MA

Ben & Anda Mogos

ARM, Romania

Celestin Musekura

ALARM, Africa

Kurt & Pat Nelson

East/West, Worldwide church planting & evangelism

Isaac & Lillian Ogohi

Trinity Bible College, Theological education in Nigeria

Luke & Becca Perkins

Crossworld, Haiti

Al Platt

Camino Global, Translation work, Central & South America

Sergio & Miriam Ramirez

Camino Global, Church planting in Santander, Spain

Andrew & Stephanie Russell

Church planting in Washington, D.C.

John & Barbara Sage

Camino Global, translation and online evangelism, Jacksonville, Texas

Ryan & Emily Sandefur

Young Life, Evangelism/discipleship in Munich, Germany

Gonzalo & Beth Sandoval

Camino Global, Church planting in Puebla, Mexico

Jonathan & Rachel Sawyer

Crosswinds, Mentoring/education in Dominican Republic

Richard & Jayne Spencer

Global Training Network, Pastoral training and equipping in Asia

Marcia Strauss

SIM, Dallas

Carolyn Velloso

OC International, Church planting in the U.K.

Ed Weaver

T4 Global, Nigeria

Betty Welch

Wycliffe, Translation in South America

Will & Julie White

MAF, Aviation missions in Idaho

Gene & Dawn Whitehurst

Surpassing Grace, Leadership development in Asia