The Lord’s Anointed

Pastor Andy picks up the Psalms series again for this Sunday, preaching from Psalm 2. 

Reviving Your Praise

Keving Goldsmith preaches on Psalm 145, giving insight on how we can continuously revive our praise to God.

Make Us Glad

Pastor Andy preaches on Psalm 90, teaching us to be glad in all circumstances.

Grateful Praise

Andy continues this Psalm series, preaching on Psalm 100.


Pastor Kevin Goldsmith preaches on Psalm 35, continuing our Psalms series.

Family Unity

Pastor Andy Wileman continues the Psalms series, preaching on Psalm 133.

Psalm 103

Pastor Andy Wileman preaches on Psalm 103 for this Father’s Day Sunday.

Peace Through Remembering God

Bob Riedle preaches through Psalm 4 and talks about how we can find peace through our Savior, even when we struggle.