Outreach Sunday 2021

Pastor Chris Simmons comes to Grace for this year’s Outreach Sunday, preaching of the importance of longevity and commitment in outreach.

Missions Sunday 2021

Guest speaker, Jon Burns, preaches about sharing Jesus in our present times of COVID.

Grace. Bible. Church.

Andy Wileman preaches his first sermon of 2021 on who Grace is and our purpose as part of the church.

The Beauty of the Church

Jeff Sherwood, an Elder of Grace, leads us in preaching for our Elder-Led Sunday. Jeff focuses on the parts that make up the universal church and how it is meant to mimic Christ.

Look Again

Lucas Rogers kicks off this holiday season with a sermon on Isaiah 9.1–7.

Unity and Justice

Pastor Andy Wileman joins several churches to preach on unity and justice, focusing on Micah 6.1–8.


Andy Wileman preaches the importance of the day of Pentecost and how it relates to us today.

A Matter of Death and Life

For this wonderful Easter Sunday, Andy preaches on how we can still celebrate and serve our Lord in these COVID-19 times.

Where, What, Why?

Kevin Goldsmith preaches this Palm Sunday through a variety of scriptures.