Easter Sunday

Pastor Andy spends this Easter Sunday in Luke 22–24, looking at the crucifixion and resurrection.

Taking Your Cross

Pastor Andy approaches this sermon going through Luke 9.18–27. He touches on the importance of taking up your cross and unabashedly following Jesus. 

Not Self-serving

Pastor Wileman preaches through Luke 14.1–14 for this week’s sermon.

Smart for Goodness Sake

Pastor Andy picks up the “More Like Jesus” series again, preaching through Luke 16.1–15.

Friends in Low Places

Even though in-person services were cancelled, a recorded service of Andy preaching Luke 7.36–50 made its way to us! 


Pastor Andy continues the series in Luke, looking at chapter 6, verses 27–38.

Loving Sinners

Pastor Wileman takes a look at Luke 5.1–21 and talks about how loving sinners and those who don’t know Him are just as important as loving those who do.

Prophetic Courage

Pastor Andy continues the series with a look at Luke 4.16–30, talking about what courage looked like through Jesus.

Resistance Isn’t Futile

Pastor Lucas Rogers preaches through Luke 4.1–13 for the second sermon in this series.