Missions Conference 2020

Missions Conference is coming up Sunday, February 23. Our goal is to raise $125,000 for Special Missions & Outreach to continue the unfinished task of going to the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Scroll down to see information on Outreach Weekend.


Dr. Nathan Smith is the senior pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Virginia since 2012. He grew up in Tanzania, Africa, where is family served as church planting missionaries. Nathan gained a deep love and respect for cultures and peoples of the world. Dr. Smith has a passion for the rigorous exposition of the scriptures so that God might be known, His Grace in Christ be realized, and the Christian be moved to an obedient, sacrificial mission. Nathan frequently says, "No matter who you are or where you are from, we are a church of broken people all in need of God's grace."

Nathan and Jessica, his wife, have three children, Caden, Lydia, and Jason. He received a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies and a Masters degree in Business Administration from Liberty University, a Master of Divinity in Ministry Leadership and Islamic Studies from Columbia International University, and a Doctorate in Expositional Preaching from the Master's Seminary.

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Luke Perkins | A9

Principles of a Disciple-making Life

What are the commitments and strategies necessary to make disciples as a lifestyle?

Stephanie & Raimie Bateman | A13

The Outlandish Survival Game

Do you have the gumption to survive the arduous and sometimes hilarious?

10:00 a.m.

Lars Peterson | A12

Open Doors in Closed Countries

This session unpacks some of the challenges of working on a “closed country” that opposes the Gospel.

Yohannes Faye | A13

Orality, Oral Cultures, and Missions

The command to make disciples is clear. The question, however, remains: how do you make disciples among oral learners?

11:15 a.m.

Robbie & Rose Roberts | A11

Evangelism in a Postmodern World

The Roberts will identify some of the main characteristics, opportunities, and challenges of postmodernism.


Luke Perkins | A9

Principles of a Disciple-making Life

What are the commitments and strategies necessary to make disciples as a lifestyle?


Outreach Weekend 2020

Our Outreach Conference is February 28-March 1. We are looking forward to having Randy Newman return to help us grow in evangelism.


Randy Newman is the senior teaching fellow for evangelism and apologetics at the C.S. Lewis Institute in Washington, DC, area. He worked for over thirty years with CRU and is currently on faculty at several evangelical seminaries as an adjunct professor. His books include Bringing the Gospel Home, Corner Conversations, Questioning Evangelism, and Unlikely Converts.

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Friday, February 28, 7pm

Jazz Concert

Brian Piper and friends will kickoff the weekend with professional jazz musicians sharing their gifts for all those who wish to come. Bring a friend!

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Saturday, February 29, 9am-11:30

Saturday Breakfast: The Lost Art of Evangelism

Randy Newman will help us understand how to develop the skill of listening and how God tends to use it in evangelism.

Sunday, March 1, 12:15pm

Sunday Lunch Workshop: Unexpected Evangelism

Randy will share how to recognize opportunities God is using in your life and how not to miss it next time.

Special Missions & Outreach Fund

This year, we have set a combined goal of $125,000 for both international missions and local outreach. Through the Special Missions & Outreach Fund, we will:

  • Continue to provide our international missionaries financial support above their regular support, send teams on mission trips, and partner with strategic ministries to proclaim the gospel to the nations
  • Launch new local initiatives in order to reach our neighbors in the DFW area with the love of Jesus