New Services Times beginning February 12

Dear Grace family:
Growth brings change. Our Lord commissioned us to reach new people, and our recent growth, especially in the nurseries, is bringing about change.

As I mentioned last Sunday, we have been praying and studying what to do for some time. As a result, the staff and boards have concluded that it is time to add a third service on Sunday mornings.

Beginning February 12, we will be moving to three services.

8:45- Traditional
          Grace Kids: birth- 5th grade
          Grace Institute (A9)
          Fred Chay's class (A12)
10:00- Contemporary
           Grace Kids- birth-5th grade
           Grace Student Ministry
           Don King's class (A9)
           Rocky Miller's class  (A12)
           Lucas Roger's class (A11)
          Gene Pond's class (A13)
11:15- Contemporary
          Grace Kids- birth-5th grade
          Kevin Goldsmith's class (A13)

We will continue providing information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, please keep our church in your prayers. And join us in celebrating the growth that God has given us.

New Families Pastor Joining Grace

Dear Grace family:

As you may have noticed, we are in a wonderful season of steady growth, and it has been especially pronounced in our nurseries and children’s ministries. The number of young families seems to increase weekly—and they represent our church’s future!

In light of this growth, the leadership is happy to announce the addition of a new (old) staff member. We have created the position of Young Families Pastor who will work to ensure that we are adequately providing opportunities for spiritual growth. This will include coordinating our children’s and student ministries, as well.

Although the position is new, we are pleased to reintroduce an old friend who will be rejoining us to build this ministry, Lucas Rogers. Lucas was a valuable part of our staff for several years before he joined Paul Anderson in his ministry in Pennsylvania. Lucas and Carrie have loved serving the church there, but they have felt God’s leading to come “home” to Grace and we are pleased to have them return.

Kevin Goldsmith will continue building our ministry to young adults, especially those who are single or just married, in addition to building our outreach ministries. We believe that God is blessing our church with an incredible team.

Depending on the sale of their home, Lucas and Carrie will arrive in Dallas no later than January 1. Please join me in praying for God’s special blessing on them in this time of transition, and pray for Paul and Jenny Anderson as God continues to build their work in Pennsylvania.

God is at work. My prayer is that we will boldly serve Him.

In Christ,
Andy Wileman

Worship Ministry Updates

Dear Grace family:

I am excited to tell you about our new staff member: Brian Piper is joining our staff bringing new leadership to our Worship and Music ministries. Brian will be leading our Contemporary service and continuing to build that ministry team. He will also assist the Traditional worship team as the needs arise.

Brian is a gifted musician, composer, and singer. In addition to performing in venues such as the Summer Musicals, jazz festivals, and his own albums, Brian has served on the music team for Park Cities Presbyterian Church for the last eleven years. He has performed at Grace on multiple occasions, and he always brings not only his skills, but also his joy in Christ.

I have known Brian for many years and I am thrilled to have him join our team.

Ty McAllister has done a wonderful job leading our contemporary service at 9:00, as well as taking over the 10:30 service this summer. Ty has decided that he wants to pursue new opportunities. I hope you will join me in expressing deep appreciation for Ty and praying for him as he moves to Ft. Worth and begins a new chapter in his life.

In light of Ty’s leaving we will be discontinuing the Contemporary at 9:00 service after this week. We know that it has met a need for some of our congregation, but we will no longer have the personnel to make it work. You will be hearing soon about new worship opportunities for the future.

Grace is always changing. But with each change, God has blessed us in new ways we did not anticipate. I am excited to see this new chapter in our Worship ministries.

In Christ,

Andy Wileman

Learning page

At Grace, we place a high priority on the teaching of God's Word. We have excellent Adult Bible Classes with teachers who are committed to communicating the truth of the Bible, as well as special events that encourage Biblical knowledge and facilitate application. We are now recording several of our Adult Bible Classes and encourage you to take advantage of these excellent lessons. See the Learning page to listen to Sunday morning lessons and past special events. 

Learning page 

Grace en Español

We are excited to announce that we will be launching a new service August 16 in Spanish. The service will meet on Sundays at 12:30 p.m. in The Garage. Joe Santana is coming on staff as the Pastor of Hispanic Ministries and will lead this congregation. Be in prayer for the launch of Grace en Español. 

Sabbatical Speakers

While Andy is on sabbatical this summer, we will have the opportunity to hear from some great speakers who have had an impact on Grace in the past. The list of sabbatical speakers includes: 

Paul Anderson, Adam Bonus, Fred Chay, Jace Cloud, Greg Crosthwait, Peter Fretheim, Kevin Goldsmith, Chris Howell, Dr. Duane Litfin, Victor Neufeld, Lucas Rogers, Andrew Russell, Johnnie Standard, Jerry Wagner, and Jason Wiesepape