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Bible Classes

Adult Bible Classes

A variety of gatherings take place at each of the morning worship times. We are blessed with world class teachers and come together for fellowship, prayer, and study. Click the teacher name below to see their biography. 

Listen to recorded lessons.

Note: Click Led by or the teachers name to see a biography on the teacher. Not all biographies have been uploaded.

Sunday Morning 8:45AM Classes

Joint Heirs -  True Hearing is More Than A Creed - James 2:14-26

Room A13

Dr. Chay is leading us through a new series on the book of James. Come and learn about God's Presence in Life's Chaos!
Led by Fred Chay 

The Gathering- Fellowship

Room A12

The Gathering is our newest Adult Bible Class. This class seeks to provide both fellowship and teaching through practical applications of scripture and discussion on different aspects of life. They are currently focusing on the role of fellowship in the lives of believers, from the Old Testament to the New, and how God works in the lives of the people in our lives.
Led by Kevin Gilliland

Sunday Morning 10:00AM Classes

Inheritance - I Have Put My Words In Your Mouth

Room A13

Jeremiah stood as the Lord’s lighthouse among a self-destructive generation. We are exploring his Old Testament book for the help and hope of God’s promises and blessings. Contact Dr. Pond for more information.
Led by Dr. Gene Pond

Foundations - The Three Biblical Imputations

Room A12

Like me, you may be wondering- what is an imputation? Come and learn from Rocky Miller as he delivers this new series!
Imputation defined: the crediting of something to someone's account only upon adequate grounds, as the judicial basis for reward and punishment.
Led by Rocky Miller

Family Life- The What, Why, How (and More) of Church

Room A11

What exactly is the church and what is it for? Something to do on Sunday mornings? Is it about education? Entertainment? Doing good to others? Evangelizing the world? As more and more people walk away from the church, we want to explore what church is really about and why that matters for all of us.
Led by Lucas Rogers

Word Travelers - The Gospel of Matthew

Room A9

Come and learn as Don King unpacks the gospel of Matthew.
Led by Don King

Sunday Morning 11:15AM Classes

Encountering God - Acts

Room A13

All are welcome to join us as we study the book of Acts and how the Holy Spirit worked through the early church to push all to worship Christ.
Led by Kevin Goldsmith  

Grace Institute

Room A9

Grace Institute is on break until the New Year. Check back in the coming weeks for more information. Grace Institute covers a variety of topics in short 6–8 week sessions. The classes are centered around people who want to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible, theology, and how Christians interact with our current culture. For more information, contact Troy Godwin.

Thursday Morning 10:00AM

Don King- Ephesians

Garage East

Men and women are welcome to come and listen to Don King lead us through the exciting book of Ephesians. 
Led by Don King